Welcome to Jumbunna

The name Jumbunna is an Aboriginal word meaning “talk Together.” We believe that by children and adults talking, playing and working together, learn to understand, and hence accept each other, no matter what their culture or abilities.

Jumbunna is a community based, not for profit organisation providing a range of services to meet our  community needs.  Our service area is extensive with different programs servicing various Local Government Areas.  Jumbunna is primarily an Early Childhood Intervention Centre for children with disabilities, delays in their  development or who are at risk of a delay due to environmental or biological factors, aged from birth to 18 years. The aims of Jumbunna are to educate and integrate these children and young people into their community and  to support their families. Each year we provide an early intervention service for about 130 children with  additional needs

Programs offered at Jumbunna

  • Reverse Integration Preschool program for child with and without additional needs, using a Transdisciplinary team approach
  • Parent Infant Group
  • Mobile Preschools
  • Jumbunna Intensive Parenting Program
  • Supported Playgroups
  • Therapy Services
  • NDIS Supports
  • Paediatric Clinics
  • Transport
  • Parenting Programs
  • Transition to School Programs

Through these programs we are able to offer families a range of services such as assessment,  therapy, counselling, transport, workshops, clinics, support groups, equipment, multi media libraries and home visits.

Jumbunna - Early Childhood Intervention Centre -Casino NSW