Assessments : for children under school age – Jumbunna’s skilled team of therapists and teachers are able to assess the child together with the family using a play-based model. This usually takes between one to two hours when results and available future options are discussed with the family.

Our assessment process

  • How long will it take?

It will usually last about an hour.

  • What is involved?

Our Occupational Therapist and Speech Pathologist will meet with you to discuss your concerns regarding your child and let you know about services offered at Jumbunna. Some formal assessments may be attempted if your child feels comfortable.

  • Do I need to bring anything?

It may be helpful to bring any special toy or comforter that will help your child feel relaxed.  Please fill in the attached form and bring it along to the assessment. Please also bring any relevant reports from previous visits to specialists.

  • Costs and Payment ?

The assessment fee is determined by the type and length of the assessment.. It will also depend on if a written report is required.

  • After the assessment

A written report will be posted to you in a few days – copies can be provided for other relevant parties with your permission such as Paediatrician, Doctor, Preschool

Assessments: for school age children – Jumbunna’s team will complete formal assessments with the student and gain feedback from yourself and teachers. Cost will depend on the type and length of assessment needed and will be discussed with you prior to the day. A written report will be supplied.