Reverse Integration Preschool

Reverse Integration Preschool

Reverse Integration Preschool Program (RIPS) – The majority of the children are enrolled in this program. It caters for both children with additional needs (80%) and those without additional needs (20%). Jumbunna is licensed as an Early Childhood Education and Care setting under the Department of Education, for up to 59 children per day. Children are three years of age before entering this program. All children attend for two full days a week. All children with additional needs are fully integrated with their peers.

This program is set up similarly to a regular preschool in types of activities and timetabling. The educational programs and experiences offered to all children are tailored to meet individual needs and interests at the appropriate developmental level. Within the general preschool program specific goals are set for each child from his/her Individual Education Program (IEP) and targeted on a daily basis.

There are general and individual program goals and each child’s level of functioning in these areas is recorded through structured and incidental observations, formal testing and checklists. Small group work allows for more specific programming in the areas of language, preacademic skills and gross motor to meet individual needs. Each staff member programs for his/her group and seeks trandisciplinary team input into the design of these programs.

Evaluation is ongoing.

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The children enjoying The Music Bus when it came to visit.IMG_2869