Jumbunna complies with the Education and Care Services National Regulations and the Disability Practice Standards. Jumbunna has comprehensive policies to ensure the organisation and staff are meeting all requirements.   A complete Policy folder is available at the service for viewing upon request.

The policies are reviewed annually in June, or on a needs basis through a consultation process, comments and feedback are sought. We value any feedback or input that families have concerning these policies, as they are our guide for the practices we use, in providing programs for your children. This also ensures that children and their safety is at the centre of everything we do.

QA 1a List of Policies – Early Childhood 2023

QA 7k Workplace Discrimination Harassment

 QA 7i Privacy Online

QA 7h Privacy Collection Statement

QA 7g Information Technology

QA 7f Governance and Management

QA 7e Fraud and Corruption Policy

QA 7da Fee Policy – Attachment 1

QA 7d Fees Policy

QA 7c Privacy and Confidentiality

QA 7b Complaints Handling and Feedback

QA 7a Acceptance and Refusal of Authorisation

QA 6a Enrolment and Orientation

QA 5a Interactions with Children

 QA 4d Participation of Volunteers and Students

 QA 4c Staff Selection Policy

QA 4b Determining Responsible Person

QA 4a Part 3 NDIS Code of Conduct

QA 4a Part 2 Child Safe Standards Code of Conduct

QA 4a Part 1 Code of Conduct

QA 2z Supervision

QA 2y Safe Arrival of Children

 QA 2w Transportation of Children

QA 2v Water Safety

QA 2u Sun Protection

QA 2t Safe Storage of Dangerous Goods

 QA 2sa Sleep and Rest Risk Assessment

QA 2s Safe Sleep and Rest Time

QA 2r Providing a Child Safe Environment

QA 2q Nutrition Food Beverages Dietary Requirements

QA 2p Medication and Health Statement  

 QA 2ob Administration of Medication Procedures

QA 2o Medical Administration  

QA 2nf Risk Minimisation and Communication Plan

 QA 2n Dealing with Medical Conditions

QA 2ma Exclusion of sick children and staff

QA 2m Dealing with Infectious Diseases

QA 2l The Indoor and Outdoor Environment

 QA 2ka 2020 Incident, injury, trauma and illness record BLANK FORM

QA 2k Incident Injury Trauma and Illness  

 QA 2j Administration of First Aid

QA 2i Family Participation and Communication

 QA 2h Excursions QA 2g Environmental Sustainability

 QA 2e Emergency and Evacuation

 QA 2c Child Protection

  QA 2a Animals in the Environment

QA 1d 2023 Centre Charter & Info Book – PS Edition 1

QA 1c Philosophy Expanded Version (2)

QA 1b Organisational Chart 2024

St 6xe Mental Health  

 Use St 6xa Home Visiting Policy

St 6x Workplace Health and Safety

St 6wf Workplace Discrimination and Harassment Policy

St 6we Workforce Development and Planning

St 6wd Performance Management and Review

St 6wc Staff Induction

St 6wb Recruitment, Selection and Appointment of Staff

St 6wa EEO, Equity and Diversity

ST 6va Quality Management and Continuous Quality Improvement

St 6v Strategic Planning

ST 6u Service Scope and Planning

St 6t Insurance Management

St 6sc Emergency & Disaster Management Plan

St 6sb Emergency & Disaster Management Procedures

ST 6sa Reportable Incident Procedures

ST 6sa NDIS Incident Investigation Template (Attachment)

ST 6s Risk Management St 6r Policy Development and Approval

ST 6q Professional Ethics and Conduct

St 6p Committees, Sub Committees and Advisory Bodies

St 6o Organisational Structure – Responsibilities and Accountabilities

St 6n Organisational Performance and Evaluation

St 6m Leadership, Continuity and Accountability

St 6l The General Managers Position

St 6k Monitoring Legal Compliance S

t 6j Managing Contracts and Funding Agreements

St 6i Internal Reporting

St 6h Management Committee Structure and Appointment

St 6h Board Structure and Appointment

St 6g Board Performance Appraisal

St 6f Incorporation Compliance Requirements

St 6ea Conflict of Interest

St 6e Board Role and Responsibilities

St 6d Board Meetings

St 6c Budget Management and Monitoring

ST 6ba Debt Management Policy & Procedures

St 6b Financial Management

St 6a Delegations of Authority

St 5b Client Transition or Exit from the Service

St 5a Intake and Referral

St 4d Mealtime Assessment Referral pathway

St 4c Mealtime Assessment Referral

St 4b Individual Mealtime Management Plan Jumbunna

St 4a Standard Mealtime Management Plan_

St 4 Mealtime Management (Disability)

St 3b Client Decision Making and Choice

St 3a Case Management

St 2b Access to Services S

t 2a Client Participation and Social Inclusion

St 2ab Client Feedback

ST 1d Client Safety & Security

St 1c Service Information

St 1b Client Rights and Service Charter

List of NDIS Practice Standards Policies 2023

ST 1a Providing Client Advocacy and Support

2022 Centre Charter & Info Book – NDIS Clients

St 1b Client Rights and Service Charter

ST 1a Providing Client Advocacy and Support 2