A word or so from Rhonda……

a word … actually many words from Rhonda…..

Hi there

Just a little note about my passion for the learning and development of children.

The day your child is born they have the capacity and have the highest potential for absorbing and learning new developmental skills every day, you could say, “They are just like sponges soaking up the water in a bucket”.

So while attending an early childhood education program, your child will improve their language, social and motor skills, while developing the learning and cognitive skills necessary to move on to school.I understand the importance of fostering children’s creativity and learning. One of the ways that we do this is through just simple play and following your child’s interests, I am a big believer in learning through play, but let’s get real children still need structure and boundaries.

Play is such an important part of children’s development. It lays the foundation for literacy and common life skills, play also encourages adults and other children to communicate with them in their play opportunities, and it promotes not only behavioural development but brain growth as well. It is important to provide children with enough resources and experiences that allow the children the opportunity to express themselves and allow their imaginations to go far and beyond their dreams. So open up the saucepan cupboard and let them go wild, they maybe ne day the next professional drummer in a famous band

At Jumbunna we provide lots of experiences that are set out and developed from children’s interests allowing them to learn and explore through play, nurturing all aspects of their development. Play is practice for many of  life’s skills and challenges that they may need later in life such as, following rules, routine, cooperate, imitate, plan, problem solving, turn taking and negotiate, the list is endless what a child can learn through play!

Limiting TV and technology time will encourage children to spend more time outdoors, this will provide them with more opportunities to improve and maintain their imagination, physical development and mental health. Simple as lying on the grass and looking up at the clouds . Just to see what animal you can seeRhondas blog

Language and communication is a main contributor of a child’s development. So basically in a nutshell play is a key component to your child’s essential learning.

If you ask your child what they have done today while at Preschool and they respond with “just play” remember the importance that play has on their overall development, growth and think about the learning opportunities that their educators and you as parents have provided them with throughout this day and every other day.

Early childhood educators have one of the most rewarding and fulfilling jobs. Interacting, extending children’s interests and preparing young minds for the challenges and opportunities to be discovered as they continue their educational Journeys”.

This is why I love my job!

 Thank you