A word from….Annika

a word from Annika…
Hi, my name is Annika. I am a parent of a child who attends Jumbunna Mobile, Bonalbo Preschool. Here is a little story I wanted to share with you all about my Daughter Abby’s experiences at preschool.
abbyAbby has been really interested in gymnastics and dancing at home. She asked if she could tell her educators at preschool and we wrote it up on their parent input board. That afternoon when I picked her up, she was so excited to tell me that “Mum, we watched real Gymnastics on the Ipad. And then I got to do some with all my preschool friends!” She practiced what she had learnt for the rest of the week.
The following week at preschool, Abby was welcomed by her educators telling her that they had a surprise for her. Inside they had set up a special table with all different kinds of dance shoes and photos. They even had a pair of tap shoes she could try on. Needless to say this absolutely made her day. When I picked her up that afternoon she was full of news of what she had seen, learnt from her educators and her new dreams of becoming a dancer. Her educators even made her a picture to take home. It now sits in pride of place in her room!
It was so wonderful to see Abby so excited about learning new things! As a parent it is so beautiful to see her educators taking such an interest in what makes her happy. I loved that they used this to help her explore the world of dancing and gymnastics. I feel that experiences like this have helped her develop a real love of learning! Which I feel is so important as she ventures off to school next year!