a word from Judith….

A word from Judith…
Jude & sisterHello to everyone,
You can see the picture of two identical babies.
Do they like all the same things?
Will they learn the same way?.

Many people would expect that they would given they are identical. The right answer would be no. Of course all children have the right to be treated with the same love, respect and opportunity as one another, but also with the thinking that each child is an individual and is one of a kind.

Sometimes families will expect that each of their children will be the same as the one before, and to some extent this may be true, but each child’s unique traits, skills and personality should be cherished and allowed to develop.

I should know, the picture to the right is of myself and my twin sister. We still can be mistaken for each other by people who do not know us, and yes, we do like some of the same things, but we are each an individual and have our own strengths and interests.

At Jumbunna we strive to provide a safe, secure and stimulating environment where each child can thrive, learn and develop with their individuality in mind. We endeavour to provide this by developing strong relationships with them and getting to know them as individuals.
This can take some time and now that second term is over I feel that these ties are becoming more evident. Sometimes it may take longer and this may depend of each child’s nature, background and learning style.

Cherish each of your children for who they are, encourage their individuality, enjoy the special moments, no matter how small, as they will only be young for a short period of time. The time spent nurturing them now will be enjoyed throughout their whole life.