a word from Karen

I am Karen the Director of Jumbunna. I feel privileged to being able to say that. I have been at Jumbunna 29 years this year.
I started in 1989 as an untrained assistant, working in the classroom with the children. I have studied to complete my Diploma and Bachelor of Early Childhood and then went on to complete my heartMasters of Special Education.

I have been so fortunate to be able to grow as a person from my study and my time here at Jumbunna.

Robyn Townsend the Director at the time became my mentor. She supported me with my studies, she challenged me with involving me in the start up of each and every new program Jumbunna provided. She supported me in my role as Deputy Director and transferred her skills to me, so I was prepared to move into the Director’s role.
I believe this grounding and exposure has allowed me to develop a great understanding of and passion for Jumbunna.

I can talk about Jumbunna till the cows come home, because I believe we make a difference in children’s and families lives.
Saying that though, I can also say from experience Jumbunna makes a difference in staff lives. I truly believe I have grown into the person I am partly because of Jumbunna.

I am proud to say I am part of the Jumbunna community and family.