A word from….. Kath M

A word A word from Kathfrom Kath M….

I’m a wife, mother and grandma (6 times over…. at last count 🙂  and I’m heading towards my 60th lap around the sun.

Yet it seems like yesterday I was beginning this adult journey…beginning to be independent, beginning to be brave, raising a family and finally finding out what’s important and quite frankly, what just isn’t.

So many parenting courses tell us to take the time to really be with our children, to nurture and love them unconditionally – this is our greatest and most important role as a parent. They don’t say to bust a gut and your budget to take them to the biggest and best theme park or concrete amusement bunker or fast food restaurant.

What our children really need is….well, us… our attention and time, our love and understanding, us taking interest in what they are doing. Being with your child does not have to cost money or last for hours. Often, it’s a moment in time, a connection, a bond – it’s special for you both.

During these times, a walk can become a wonderous adventure, filled with make believe journeys and adventures. Through simple story telling, yarning and sharing imaginative thoughts with your child, there’s no telling where you can end up. Pack a drink and a few snacks and you’ve got a picnic just waiting to happen.
Children love to use their imaginations, and they love you to do the same.

Be brave, be silly, live a little through the eyes of, and with, your beautiful child.