A word from Kathy B

Bula (Hello in Fijian)

I recently went on leave and I travelled to Fiji with my husband Fred and our son Scott, his wife Nicole and ourKathy relaxing pool side grandchildren Lucas and Nate. It was a really relaxing holiday considering there was flooding and a cyclone predicted. In preparation for the cyclone we enjoyed throwing the chairs into the swimming pools so they wouldn’t blow away!  Luckily the cyclone downgraded and skirted further off the coast and no damage was done in the area where we were.

It was great to spend this time with some of our family.   You realise how precious time with your children and grandchildren is.  It is amazing what children come out with sometimes …  Lucas and Nate (the grandchildren) enjoyed taking photos and  Nate said “ Nonna standover there near the big rock, it ‘ll be a great photo.  And it was..    We taught the boys to play a Memory card game, they beat me hands down!  We played Snap.. I am sure they were cheating.

But this is all about making memories, loving your family and spending quality time together.  Don’t forget to make your memories…