a word from Tegan…..

Greetings to all tteganhe wonderful staff and families of Jumbunna. My name is Tegan and I have been at Jumbunna for close to six months now. I am an Occupational Therapist, and have a passion for assisting children with disabilities and their families to engage in the world in meaningful and enjoyable days.

I chose to pursue a career that would enable me to “pay it forward” for all the amazing help I have received for my son who is differently abled, and for me Occupational Therapy was the way to go. I was very lucky to walk into an amazing role here at Jumbunna, simply by contacting Karen and putting myself out there. I moved to Casino at the time that I started here and absolutely love the town!

Occupational Therapy is all about helping children to achieve independence in the world through their roles as a child, brother/sister, friend, student, player and learner. Occupational Therapy is such a diverse career, if your child;

  • Has difficulties in feeding, eating, dressing and sleeping
  • Seems socially aloof or has behavioural challenges
  • Becomes disturbed or upset by different sounds, sights, smells, textures and movements
  • Seems to be struggling with fine or gross motor tasks

–       Has challenges playing

Children are naturally inquisitive and want to engage with the world and the people around them, the best way for a child to learn is through play. So if you see me around the place “playing” with your children, come and say ‘hi’ and feel free to approach me about any concerns you may have.