a word from Wendy….


dad-daughterHere are some simple things I think are important in working with children 0-5 years.

  • As Educators we have huge responsibility to allow children to develop and learn skills through play. Oh yes these years are so important as the hundreds of neural pathways join and the more times a child repeats a task the stronger the pathways will be.
  • As a parent I sometimes Thought oh no not that book again as my toddler choose the exact same book everyday but remember this is a great learning technique for your child. And after a while you have memorised the book so you don’t need to read it anymore. Trust me 20 years down the track you and your child will still remember that book and have fond memories of this time shared together.
  • Helping children complete a task or achieve a goal seems like the obvious thing to do. However children learn through trial and error. Its okay to let them fail, its okay to let them work out another way to do something. They need your guidance not you to do it for them. This teaches them resilience and will help them later in life to learn how to cope with difficult situations.
  • And Love what you do!!