another word from Kath M


(yet) another word from Kath M… 🙂

I wonder how many people know about the amazing resources that we have at Jumbunna . There are so many games, DVDs, books, tools to help our children with their development, and just for funIMG_1409 too.


Our centre provides a fantastic library that parents can use.
Parents/carers can borrow our books to read to their children at home....
It’s a bit of a secret, that we want to spread far and wide.

Our books are varied, in great condition and the range is outstanding.

Reading to your child is a beautiful experience, for both of you. A book can take you brilliant places, on adventures through strange lands, meeting interesting and amazing creatures or even to approach tricky topics to talk about like feelings, loss or sadness.


wildthingsOpening up a child’s imagination through stories, including those read from books together when young, can promote creativity and foster a life long appreciation for books, stories and yarns.

My favourite children’s story is ‘Where the wild things are’.
I have four grown up sons, who were  once always looking for the wild things and now, I really hope they visit that land with their children, via a beautiful picture book, too!