Sensei Sandra Speaks

IMG_2902Sandra Sensei speaks……
Hi Everyone,
Today was a busy day in the Platypus room.

We have been studying being healthy by using good hygiene practices: washing hands, cleaning our teeth and eating healthy. Kirsty, Dakotah, Jonty and Mackenzee were outside playing and buying things from the shop. We were discussing ingredients that would be good to have in a smoothie. We drew up a shopping list of items and decided we could make smoothies in the classroom. Well today was the day. We had a special visit form the Ninja machine.

The children earnt their Ninja masks by preparing (chopping, pouring and scooping) the ingredients to make the smoothies. These were then blended in the Ninja machine to make smoothies. We had a Strawberry and Banana, a Fruit and Ice and a vegetable smoothie.

We also discussed the Australian Guide To Healthy Eating Plate.
The children were able to match ingredients prepared today to the items on the plate. This experience provided children with the opportunity to taste fruits in a different way and enable them to take more responsibility for their own health.

It was fantastic to see the children being brave and tasting all of the smoothies even though they might not like the ingredients. Some of the children asked for seconds and even enjoyed the leftover fruit.