Parent Info

Enrolment packages are given to parents after the assessment or placement offered. All forms are to be completed and returned prior to the child’s first day of attendance, with the payment of the
Association and Enrolment Fees.
Fees are determined by level of income. If parents wish to apply for reduced fees, proof of income must be supplied. Full fees will be charged until this proof is supplied. If family circumstances change during the year, ie. Level of income increases or decreases, proof of such must be provided so that fees can be adjusted accordingly.
Most programs at the Centre attract a set fee which is set by the Management Committee from time to time. Please consult with the office staff for a current fee list.

i. An Immunisation History Statement showing your child’s immunisations are up to date
(if your child has a medical contraindication for a specific vaccine(s) a Medical Contraindication Form will also be
required), or;
ii. A Medical Contraindication Form if your child is unable to be immunised with any vaccines due to medical reasons, or;
iii. A Conscientious Objection Form (or certified ACIR letter) if your child is unable to be immunised due to religious or philosophical reasons, or;
iv. An Immunisation History Form where an immunisation provider has certified that your child is catching up their
Other immunisation records, such as the Blue Book, a GP Letter or an overseas immunisation record are not
Children and families leaving the programs must give two weeks notice of their intention to leave and complete the appropriate form. Fees are payable for these two weeks. All children leave the programs at the end of the school year prior to starting kindergarten.